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Bond Projects: Photo Gallery
Voters approve purchase of air conditioned buses and vans

 busweb.jpg  MUSD Bus  New vans

Voters approve athletic improvements
 Synthetic Turf  Track  Batting Cage
Artificial Turf at High Schools

 Tracks at High Schools

MVHS Batting Cage

 Tennis Courts  MVHS Baseball  MHS Scoreboard

 MHS Tennis Courts

 MVHS Baseball

 MHS Scoreboard

Voters approve facility improvements
 New school roofing  School Roofs  New Carpet

 New School Roofs

 New School Roofs

 New Carpeting in Schools

 Repaving Parking Lots  Repaving parking lots  

 Repaving parking lots

 Repaving parking lots


Voters approve TMS cafeteria renovations
 TMS construction  TMS cafeteria  TMS Student Lounge


New cafeteria and equipment

New Student Lounge

Voter approve land purchase for future high school
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