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Project engage: assigned devices & furniture
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By incorporating 21st century technology and modern furniture into the classroom, Marana Unified School District deepens the learning experience through higher levels of engagement and rigor. 

Aligned with the District’s Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) instructional model is the critical need to provide learning environments which engage students in collaborative and productive work in order to produce evidence of their learning. 
IMG_1710website.jpgExtensive research and best practice shows that providing mobile devices and classroom furniture to support student’s ability to easily
and comfortably interact with their teacher, fellow students, and content provides an optimal educational experience.

To that end, the Marana district is in year two of a three year implementation incorporating student and teacher assigned mobile devices as well as new furniture in all classrooms.
*Timeline 2015-2018 -See schedule below.
Made possible through the 2014 voter supported School Improvement Bondproject engage: “Connect & Collaborate to Create! provides students the tools and resources to be successful in an ever changing world.  

Through project engage, students are able to connect  to one another 
IMG_1692web.jpgthrough an environment where comfortable chairs/stools and modern configurable tables supports meaningful, eye-to-eye conversations and where student assigned mobile devices connects students to one Picture3.jpganother and to content. Once connected, students can collaborate to share ideas and have productive conversations resulting in a meaningful and relevant learning experience. 

Project engage provides teachers and students with the learning environments and tools needed to successfully implement GRR and prepare MUSD students for a 21st century world.

Planning-to-Progress_WEB.png *In order to maintain a consistent tax rate, these capital improvement initiatives will occur over a three year school period as bonds are sold annually. Implementation sequence is subject to change within the 3 year schedule:  
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Tortolita Middle School 2015-2016
Marana Middle School 2015-2016
Marana High School 2016-2017
Mountain View High School 2016-2017 
MCAT High School 2016-2017
Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary (3-6th grades) 2016-2017
Picture Rocks Elementary (3-6th grades) 2016-2017
Quail Run Elementary (K-6th) 2016-2017
Gladden Farms Elementary (K-6th) 2016-2017
All Other Elementary Schools 2017-2018

About Instructional Model: 
Gradual Release of Responsibility Instructional Framework (GRR) 
Beginning in 2012, the Marana district reviewed evidence from 56,000 studies involving over 81 million students, teachers, and parents over the past 30 years. The conclusion of the review was overwhelming: students learn best when they know why they are learning what they are learning as they work together to solve reality based problems in a supportive and engaging environment.  

To that end, a committee of teacher-¬leaders and administrators searched for, and found, an instructional framework that included all of the components proven to be most effective: to give teachers autonomy while simultaneously providing them with best practices and processes gleaned from evidence about what produces results. This model is the Gradual Release of Responsibility Instructional Framework (GRR) and has existed for over 30 years. 

The GRR framework focuses on empowering teachers to gradually release responsibility for learning to students in a purposeful manner. Perhaps the cornerstone of the framework is that students must engage in collaborative and productive work in order to produce evidence of their learning. Students are taught how to work together in order to achieve a desired outcome.  

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Fisher and Frey, Structured Teaching for Better Learning (2008)