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College and Career Ready Standards


Preparing Arizona students for college, career, and life

The Marana Unified School District and Arizona schools have raised the bar to help all students receive a world-class education. Across the state, new academic standards in English Language Arts and Math, called Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, were adopted in 2010 by the State Board of Education (SBE) and implemented in the 2013-2014 school year. However, on Monday, October 26, 2015 the SBE voted 6-2 to reverse their action taken in June 2010 to adopt Common Core and to continue Arizona’s current standards, with the ability by the SBE to add, delete or modify the standards. 

It is important to understand that the SBE’s vote keeps Arizona’s current standards in place. This means that what Marana teachers are teaching and what students are learning does not change. What the vote does mean is that control of the English language arts (ELA) and mathematics standards has been returned to Arizona, as had been the case before the Common Core Standards were adopted in 2010. Those standards will now be developed the same way they always were before and the same way standards for all other subjects are developed, through an annual process during which ADE reviews standards, makes recommendations and gathers public input. Learn more.

About the Standards
Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards are designed to ensure students master the 21st century knowledge and skills critical for success in college and a career. With these Standards, students will be prepared for their future, and our state and national economies will be better positioned to compete and excel in a global economy. (Click here to read more in the National Report by School Improvement Network).  

The Standards, also referred to as "Common Core" provide consistent, strong, clear benchmarks for English Language Arts and Math and set the expectation for what students need to know and be able to do in each grade and subject.

The Standards also form the foundation of what teachers teach, while leaving decisions on curriculum, textbooks, and instructional materials up to the teachers and administrators in each school district.

The importance of the Standards 

Video.jpgThe Standards are important because they not only improve what students learn, but how they learn by teaching critical-thinking, problem solving, and effective communication skills. Meaning, the standards are more focused on students having conceptual knowledge of something, not mere procedural knowledge. They also better prepare students to compete for the jobs of the future with students from around the world.

The new Standards and future assessments are consistent across states, which mean that as families move to a new state or to a new school district, their teachers are better able to assess the child's abilities and know where they need support in a way that was not possible before.  

The reason for new Standards

The world has changed. Employers expect more today than they did in the past from their employees. They expect to hire staff with some type of education or advanced training beyond high school. In fact, 85% of high growth-high wage jobs in Arizona will require it by 2013.

Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards help prepare your child to be successful with these skills. The Standards are more relevant to the real world and reflect the academic knowledge and skills that your child needs to be successful in college and career. Regardless of the path that students follow, by being prepared for college and career, they will have more options and opportunities available.

Essential principles of the College and Career Ready Standards
Built on solid evidence of skill required to be college and career ready

     *  Clear, consistent, rigorous, relevant standards aligned with higher education and career  

     *  A course of study that increases with coherent difficulty from kindergarten through grade 12 

     *  A  reflection of the best of standards work across the 46 participating states 

     *  Clear focus on the  most important knowledge and skills

          -Depth of knowledge,  conceptual understanding, critical thinking, problem solving 


The Standards at work in Marana schools

These Standards are the foundation for curriculum design and instructional practice for the Marana Unified School District. Full implementation of Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards in English Language Arts and Math began in the 2013-2014 school year.
MUSD teachers continue to work with their colleagues in the same grade level or subject area to gain a deeper understanding of the College and Career Ready Standards. Educators have identified the important concepts within each standard in order to determine what it is students need to know and be able to do. Through work in their Professional Learning Communities, teachers continue to focus on deepening their content knowledge to ensure consistent and effective instruction for all students.

The implementation of the Common Core Standards in grades K-12 changed instruction for teachers and changed expectations for students. Learn More - View KVOA News Coverage "Marana schools ready for Common Core standards."

How the Standards were developed

The Arizona College and Career Ready Standards is a part of a larger initiative, led by a coalition of states to raise the bar to ensure students are prepared for college and career. Governors and state commissioners of education from 46 states and the District of Columbia committed to developing a common core of state standards in English-language arts (ELA) and mathematics for grades K-12 that was research and evidence-based and supported by rigorous international benchmarks.

A diverse group of teachers, subject matter experts, parents, and school administrators - including some of Arizona's best and brightest leaders - worked together to create the Standards that reflect both our aspirations for our children and the realities of the classroom. From this, the Common Core State Standards were adopted by the Arizona State Board of Education on June 28, 2010. The name was changed to Arizona's College and Career Ready Standards in 2013. The Standards were also benchmarked against countries with top-notch education programs, to ensure our future generations are ready to compete in the global marketplace.

Additional information http://www.azed.gov/azcommoncore/